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Just for Converts: Never ignore or postpone a prompting

The “Just for Converts” series focuses on LDS quotes and stories that are well-loved, but don’t get shared a lot online because longtime members have already them enjoyed them many, many times, and folks tend to share new or novel posts more. As a new convert, you have felt the still small voice as you […]

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Magnify your calling, but don’t set it on fire

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are familiar with the expression “magnify your calling,” but we don’t always fully understand what that means. Here’s some clarification from Church leaders on the topic— Magnification in our world is so useful. It allows us to continue reading books, directions, medications, and menus long […]

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34 Inspiring Quotes from 17 General Relief Society Presidents

This post was originally published in 2016, but we’ve updated it to include Sister Jean B. Bingham, our current General Relief Society President! Come enjoy 34 great quotes with lovely memes from the 17 incredible women who have served as president. Emma Hale Smith   First General President of the Relief Society, 1842–1844 “We are […]

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3 Timeless Quotes about the Holy Ghost from Neal A. Maxwell

Elder Neal A. Maxwell had such breathtaking eloquence. He expressed his prophetic counsel and wisdom with great depth and intelligence, while still remaining accessible and unpretentious. Here are 3 timeless quotes from him about the Holy Ghost. “Life is no labyrinth; mortality is no maze if a man possesses the gift of the Holy Ghost […]

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The Ungrateful Lepers, as Time Goes By

When Christ healed the ten lepers, only one returned to give thanks. What happened to the other nine, the ungrateful ones? I tried to imagine it… To begin, we must read the Biblical account found in Chapter 17 of the Book of Luke: “And it came to pass, as he went to Jerusalem, that he […]

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20 New Year’s Quotes for Latter-day Saints

A classic and popular early post from our old blog, “My Best LDS”. Created as a New Year’s post, but inspiring all year long. Are you ready for the start of a brand new year? Are you thinking about what lies ahead, maybe making some resolutions? Here are a few quotes from leaders of the […]

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