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This site represents a merge of several sites, primarily LDS Pinz, My Best LDS, and Mormon World Blog. Eventually all of these sites will link or redirect here.

As the owner of these sites, I’d been contemplating combining them for a while, and President Nelson’s announcement that we should avoid using nicknames such as “LDS” and “Mormon” was a final deciding factor to move forward with the merge. I felt thankful that I hadn’t gone through the work of combining these blogs until after President Nelson’s announcement, because I was planning on moving them together under “Mormon World Blog”.

Posts using “LDS” and “Mormon” will edited, with relevant memes edited to have a “Latter-day Array” watermark or icon on them in place of the old one. This will take some time, of course. I’m starting with the most popular and enduring content, and may never edit the old stuff that gets very little traffic.

While Latter-day Array is not an official site for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I do strive to keep all content in harmony with the official doctrines and teachings of the Church.

Kathryn S Allen