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Kenya—’A Blessed Land’

Kenya LDS Mormon

President Russell M. Nelson soon will be visiting Kenya during his global ministry tour. Here are a few quotes about Kenya from apostles over the years—

Kenya is a blessed land LDS quote

“We acknowledge this as a blessed land.”1—President James E. Faust, when dedicating Kenya in October 1991.

Kenya Temple Gordon B Hinckley

“There isn’t the slightest doubt in my mind that the time will come if you will walk in faith and patience that a temple will be built in this land to serve the needs of this people. Now, don’t count on it for a few years, … but it will be so.” 2—President Gordon B. Hinckley

President Thomas S. Monson announced during the April 2017 General Conference that a temple would be built in Kenya.

Nairobi Kenya Temple


Hekalu la Nairobi Kenya

President Nelson visited Kenya in 2011, and spoke at a stake conference in Nairobi.

During an interview in Nairobi, Kenya, Elder Nelson commented, “We’ve got Latter-day Saint chapels. We have a stake here [in] Nairobi. We had a stake conference today. It was a thrill to meet with the people. More than a thousand people gathered, [and they were] so reverent [and had a] beautiful choir, [an] excellent stake presidency, [and a] patriarch on the stand. How can I express my joy when I see such progress?”—President Russell M. Nelson3

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“Africa has been held in reserve by the Lord…Africa will someday be seen as a bright land full of gospel hope and happiness.”4—Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

a bright land LDS quote Africa

Africa LDS quote Elder Holland

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