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Day: April 7, 2018

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3 stories from President Monson’s childhood to give you hope when your kid misbehaves

We’re putting this in the “Just for Recent Converts” section because most LDS members who’ve been around a long time know these stories. There’s just something about a story of misbehavior from a prophet’s childhood that sticks in one’s memory. It sure gives modern LDS parents hope to know that an apostle was once a […]

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Elder Soares habla de nuestro Salvador—6 citas inspiradoras

“[L]a Primera Presidencia y los Doce Apóstoles son … profetas, videntes y reveladores. Ellos representan al Señor Jesucristo y tienen el derecho de declarar Su disposición y voluntad según les sea revelada. Testifico que hay seguridad al seguir su consejo. El Señor los está inspirando a hacer hincapié en fortalecer nuestra fe en el Padre […]

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Elder Soares fala do nosso Salvador—6 citações inspiradoras

“[A] Primeira Presidência e os Doze Apóstolos … são … profetas, videntes e reveladores. Eles representam o Senhor Jesus Cristo e, portanto, têm o direito de declarar a mente e a vontade do Senhor conforme lhes são reveladas. Testifico que estaremos seguros ao seguirmos seus conselhos. O Senhor tem inspirado nossos profetas a enfatizar a […]

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6 inspiring quotes about our Savior by Elder Soares

Also available español and português “[T]he First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles are … prophets, seers, and revelators. They represent the Lord Jesus Christ and have the right to declare His mind and will as it is revealed to them. I testify that there is safety in following their counsel. The Lord is inspiring them […]

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