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Late night musings of a Latter-day Saint: Celestial Netflix

Moon at night

Faithful insomniac has nice, churchy things for you to think about when you can’t sleep—interesting enough to distract you from the fact you’re tossing and turning at 2 am, but not serious enough to keep you up all night.

Celestial Netflix
Suppose there’s such a thing as Celestial Netflix on the other side.  Everyone is free to post a few shows from their time on Earth for others to learn from or enjoy or simply develop understanding of what it was like on Earth for them. People have a way of producing footage from everything they’ve experienced from their birth until their reunion with loved ones on the other side. They can also include footage from other folks with permission. People can make as many shows as they desire.

What would you produce?

What show would you produce first?  Would it be a documentary or a personal story? Would it be a movie or a mini-series? What would happen in the opening scene? What music would be part of the soundtrack? Would it be for a specific audience? What do you think people from other times would find interesting about this period of time on Earth? What would you emphasize? What would you edit out? Would you make a collaborative project with friends and family? Would you make it available for everyone to watch, or just a certain group like your close friends?

What would you watch?

Celestial Netflix has millions of shows. All the major events have been done from many perspectives. There’s also tons of science and nature shows. Which do you watch first and why? Who do you want to watch with, or would you prefer to watch some of them alone? Would you prefer to watch them on a screen or using a virtual reality version, which is available? What would you like to understand better? What do you have zero interest in watching?

What would you request?

Suppose Celestial Netflix allows you to make requests for movies you’d love to see, but aren’t major events already released. People still have privacy, so they can decide whether or not to produce requested shows. What would you request? What events or stories are you most interested in? Would you like to see a typical day for your great-grandmother when she was a child? Would you like to watch your parents get married? Would you like to watch President Nelson performing one of his early surgeries? Have you lost touch with a friend from your youth, and would love to see the highlights of how their life turned out? Is there someone you’d like to understand better by seeing the world through their eyes?

What would you suggest for others?

There’s also an app that you can make suggestions for others to watch on Celestial Netflix. What would you suggest for others and why?

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