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12 funny memes to remind us all to get to Church on time

I’ve made it a new goal to stop being late, even just a few minutes late, to Church on Sunday. Is that a goal for you or your ward? Share a funny meme on Saturday to help everyone remember to put forth that bit of extra effort to be seated on time (or a couple of minutes early is even better!). Need more than a funny meme to get to Church on time? Read “How to Never Be Late to Church Again” for some solid planning tips!

And remember, better late than never! We should strive to be on time, but please still come even if you’re running late 🙂

6 thoughts on “12 funny memes to remind us all to get to Church on time

  1. Dare I say it but promptness with a full heart and faithfulness go hand in hand. This is coming from a recovering habitually late saint. Years ago, I had a friend joke to me about her own tardiness. She said, “I swear, I’m going to be late for the Second Coming!” At the time, I chuckled because I felt exactly the same way. I’ve always hated being late for church but never really took an honest approach to correcting my behavior. It wasn’t until last year when I experienced a MIGHTY change of heart regarding my Sabbath worship that my behavior and attitude towards promptness changed. We all have our weaknesses and different challenges and we are all progressing along our own path. The memes are clever but it is only by humbly turning to the Lord that we can truly change and increase our faithfulness. He will change our hearts when the timing is right. He always does.

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